Group Poem #39 Dinosaurs

And we’re caught up with the LAWS Group Poem posts!  Here’s our words from last Sunday at LAWS #39 Dinosaurs!


dinosaurs group poem lawordsalon

#39 Dinosaurs
Group Poem

Ya know dinosaurs
had feathers
they were the
biggest bosses our
world has ever known
Don’t mess, cause they
the best.

Their everyday is one of
survival.  Teach the young
to eat.  Teach them where
to walk.  Which pond to
drink from.  Teach them
how to avoid meteors.

Rawr rawr rawr
rawr rar rawr
tremble tremble

Hiss Hiss clack
Blink Blink
Clack Clack

Gnash Ghash
Rawr Rawr
Blink Blink
Clack Clack
(A Dinosaur Poem)


——> The theme for this week’s LAWS #40 is LoyaltyJoin the event!


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