Evidence from LAWS #42 El Diablo y/o California

LAWS #42 was incredible!  The performers brought their shares in many different ways: comedy, guitar, song, visual art, poetry, spoken word, thoughts, collaboration.  Hot Sauce Holiday was the featured artist, and they created an unforgettable experience for us all:  education: germs are everywhere.  Also, helpful: Rambles (from Hot Sauce Holiday) found his missing kitty cat, Meow Meow.

Johnny O, Rafa, Mike, and Lorna got lots of birthday loove.  And cookies.  Only one candle, though.  Good thing they’re flexable.

Going good at LAWS.

I want to officially invite you to next week’s LAWS #43 Cookies!  Check it out!   Join the event!

See evidence from previous events here!

Alriiight here are some pics from the event on Oct 25, 2012.  El Diablo y/o California
care of Lorna Alkana Art

See the full LAWordSalon from El Diablo y/o California !

Find us on Facebook: LAWordSalon    Twitter: @lawordsalon and Instagram: @lawordsalon

Go team!

See you next week!


lawordsalon cookies flyer w

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