Group Poem #42 El Diablo y/o California

Every week we put some words together in the form of a Group Poem.    Here’s our words from last Sunday at LAWS #42 El Diablo and/or California:

el diablo california group poem lawordsalon


#42 El Diablo y/o California
Group Poem

The devil moved
to California to
be closer to
the angels

he was looking to
steal their wings

In California, some
people yell from their
moving cars in the streets
of Hollywood, “Perm your
Well I can only pray for them
I love California

The Devil loves life
wants to turn it to Hell.

The devil lives
in Malibu when
he’s not in Santa
Monica.  This is
why such evil happens
in those places!!

Bob Dylan lives
in Malibu when
he’s not on tour.
This is important
because Bob Dylan
is the devil.

If this was 1961
(and New York) Bob Dylan
would’ve come to LAWS
and sang his songs

Be grateful for where you are


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