Oh we didn’t forget the Heartbreak Group Poem #45 Heartbreak

Every LAWS we put some words together in the form of a Group Poem.    Here’s our words from a few Sundays ago, at LAWS #45 Heartbreak!

lawordsalon group poem heartbreak


LAWS #45 Heartbreak
Group Poem

If you break my heart
I will heart your break.
and if you heart my break
then I will break your
It all seems unfair
doesn’t it?
well that is life mny friend
and you were born into it
so if you want a change
then make a change and
by doing that, you are
the change so smile
with the heartbreak for
you are not a part of

a broken heart is the best
heat.  It is a heart of
healing — releasing the pain
It is a heart of learning
a heart of lessons.
One of teaching — Pausing
those lessons to the youth
not doomed to repeat the
same mistakes.  And even
though it is not doomed.
does not mean it will
not indulge in the Euphoria
of another’s love.  -Seq

Another’s love is what we trust
in times of struggle right…”

Heartbreak is leaving the heart’s door
ajar, and hoping someone would
dare to come in.
The second they take 1 step too far,
it triggers the sounds of the
heart’s alarm.

And I have been
lucky to have my
heart broken in
the company of
beautiful men

I’ve broken my own heart
a thousand times and
having it broken by another
took a while to sink
in until I realize that I
am completely alone,
but I’m grateful to not
be alone, because I
am with the love and
support of the great
spirit and my friends
and family

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