Evidence from LAWS #49DragonswtfPenises w/ Inobe featured [A]fter[W]ords

LAWS #49 Dragons and/or Why are penises such a big deal was low-key and amazing!  The smaller crowd created a great, intimate vibe.  Oh!  And Inobe, the featured [A]fter[W]ords performer for the night, was INCREDIBLE!  Her soul music, created with Allan Ritter, Reminisce, and Mike Gattshall was infectious and momentous and grand and subtle.  Inobe set the stage while on stage.  Her songs are simultaneously  soothing and revolutionary, revaltory and certain.  [If this articulation is too abstract (!) check out some recordings of the event!]

You can also find Inobe on Facebook and Instagram @IamInobe, and at their really cool website Inobe.com 

Before I forget!   I want to officially invite you to the 50th LAWS, Sunday, February 21, 2016!  The theme is GHOSTS!  Emily Yates is featured!

It’s going to be a spooOOOoky one!  Learn more and RSVP Here!

See evidence from previous events here!

Alriiight here are some pics from the event on February 7 2016, LAWS#49 Dragons and/or Why are penises such a big deal?
care of Lorna Alkana Art

See the full photo evidence album here!

Find us on Facebook: LAWordSalon and Twitter: @lawordsalon and Instagram:@lawordsalon

See you for February LAWS #50Ghosts on the 3rd Sunday of the month, Feb 21, 2016!   6PM!

lawordsalon ghosts flyer w

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