Group Poem #49 Dragons and/or Why are penises such a big deal?

Every LAWS we put some words together in the form of a Group Poem.    Here’s our words from last Sunday at LAWS #49 Dragons and/or Why are penises such a big deal?

group poem dragons lawordsalon

LAWS #49 Dragons and/or Why are penises such a big deal?
Group Poem

Targets, Optimus primus galactical
space explosions of the heart
from the most miniature
splinter feathers among a
flock of stationary birds,
elephants, homecooked
herheroines, and other things
of the sort, like tissue –
the soft kind for, on and
of your bum.  And, you
know, whatever she said
to close out. ❤ @bhellabell

Be there dragons in hell?
And what’s the deal with
their penises?

The big deal.
are those balls, I mean wings,
I mean breasts real?

If my demons are real
then I’ll see those raging
dragons in hell
it’ll all be okay

Nope, dragons will put
you at the end of
your rope

And what a slippery
slope that penis
envy trope
will I end you to a place
of little hope so don’t
be a dope!

Dragon flying in the sky
head of goat and also eye
what did I ever do to
your unwanted gift
of a third degree


——> February 21, 2016 is the third Sunday of the month, and the event is….LAWS #50Ghosts with featured performance from Emily Yates!<———
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