Theme Suggestions from LAWS#49 for LAWS#50…which is TODAY!

One of the open boxes we have at LAWS is the place where we can put our suggestions for the next theme.  Before the featured performer of the night, the hosts read through/present the box’s suggestions to the audience (a few times).  Then,  through snaps and claps everyone votes to whittle down the suggestions to a final choice or a combination of two.

Here are the theme suggestions gathered at LAWS #49 Dragons &/or Penises 

industrial society and its future, steven, my clit is big as hell, ghosts, how do you practice oral sex?, mediocrity, [there were some on the backs of cards that were around the lines of: i lost my virginity to a guy named Tom, What do you do when you have a crush on your boss?]

Which would you have chosen?

The crowd decided on…

theme suggestions lawordsalon.JPG


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lawordsalon ghosts flyer w


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