Group Poem #50Ghosts

Every LAWS we put some words together in the form of a Group Poem.    Here’s our words from last Sunday at LAWS #50 Ghosts!

lawordsalon ghosts group poem


LAWS #50 Ghosts
Group Poem

I want one more hug
before you disappear

You’re like the rug
that made this living
room real
so a breath is a reed
for the ghost that’s the
heist of the season.

What’s haunted is our
mind and its sad relationship
with time…emit the spirit

that leaves its imprints
ghosts as a record – a
phantom recording reck-
oning! – to remind the
ghastly guests of gaia
who gave them vibrations,
presence, permission to
complain about each owns
mission the transmissions
of the starts and space; the
Galactic Ghost!
The dogs are ghosts.
Your mom’s a ghost
love yourself.
be yourself
before you
a Ghost.

——> March 6, 2016 is the first Sunday of the month, and the LAST LAWS (for a bit).  The event is….LAWS #51 Existential Crisis with a featured performance from howardAmb!<———
Join the event!

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