Evidence from LAWS #50Ghosts with Emily Yates

LAWS #50 Ghosts was an amazing penultimate open-mic!  We had a full list of performers who brought poetry, songs, jokes, and good vibes.  Emily Yates kept us going as the featured act.  Her ukulele tunes were clever, engaging, and full of helpful take-aways, like…try not to be a dick.  Noted.

Before I forget!  I want to officially invite you to the last LAWS, #51 Existential Crisis with howardAmb featured!

We have a new, earlier time!  Doors at 5PM.  Mic hot at 6PM.  Featured act at 8PM.

Let’s send LAWS off with style.  RSVP Here!

See evidence from previous events here!

Alriiight here are some pics from the event on February 21, 2016, LAWS #50 Ghosts.
care of Lorna Alkana Art

See the complete album here.

And don’t forget about our last event!  This Sunday!

lawordsalon existential crisis w

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