Evidence from LAWS #51 Existential Crisis w/ howardAmb featured!

We went for over a year of LAWS and all we’ve got to show for it is…AN AMAZING COMMUNITY of prolific and/or stifled, rhythmic and/or reading, verbalizing and/or strumming, storytelling and/or question making LAWSters!

The last LAWS, March 6, 2016,  included performances from both green and esteemed Los Angeles area frequenters and passers by.  The band howardAmb brought us to our feet with feeling as the featured performance.

howardAmb’s ambient, clanging, electronic (and otherwise) music plays like chants to a dream march.  Their tunes construct, acknowledge, and potentially celebrate creation meeting concrete.  Creation bounces off of concrete and then reverberates around into an echo chamber that welcomes dance parties and shoe gazing with epic, warm arms.

They filled LAWS with a thorough sound, and brought the pedals to prove it.


Take a listen to howardAmb on bandcamp, soundcloud, and on their website!

See the full album here!

See photos from other LAWS events here!

This last LAWS is last times 2 because it’s not only the most recent, it’s also the final.  At least for now.  The hosts are drumming [cough Mike cough] and art/word mixing [cough Lorna cough] and filming [cough #iamonthespot cough] all over the place.

We’re still cultivating and growing our art loves and longs for with #LAWSout on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  We’ll keep you up to date with the saloning we see.

Add to the story and keep sharing with us on these social mediums and in the real life!

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